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Transcending All Boundaries. KINTEX, one of Asia’s “top 5” exhibition and convention complexes, puts all the world’s industries on display. KINTEX shows the World

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* The schedules below are subject to change. Please contact our lease consulting staff to find out exhibition schedules.

Article List
exhibition month schedule list
Title Date Organizers Category

Anime X Game Festival 2018 (AGF 2018)
2018.11.03 ~ 2018.11.04 ANIPLUS INC, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. event

KIM GUN MO 25th Anniversary Tour - GoYang
2018.11.04 ~ 2018.11.04 PLAYMENT event

고양 향동 계룡리슈빌 공동구매 입주자 초청행사
2018.11.10 ~ 2018.11.11 event

Night Shade Studio _ Annual Gala Dinner 2018 Convention
2018.11.12 ~ 2018.11.12 KINTEX event

롯데 하이마트 세일즈 마스터 하반기(11월) 1급, 2급 실기테스트
2018.11.13 ~ 2018.11.23 event