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Transcending All Boundaries. KINTEX, one of Asia’s “top 5” exhibition and convention complexes, puts all the world’s industries on display. KINTEX shows the World

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Click company names to move to their home page. The names of partner companies are listed in Korean alphabetically.

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Article list
business partner all list
Company Name Category President Phone Website E-mail
COCOON CO. LTD. EXHIBIT STAND Kim, Mi Jin 02-542-2414 Homepage cocoon@cocoon.or.kr
CALLING C&D. CO.,LTD EXHIBIT STAND 051-851-3273 Homepage Callings@lycos.co.kr
KUDOS EXHIBIT STAND 031-977-8596 Homepage kudos8596@naver.com
Crux Creative Ltd. EXHIBIT STAND Kim, Yoo Seok 02-512-1177 Homepage ryan@cruxcreative.co.kr
ADVERTISING 031-995-7236 kinbizcom@naver.com
KINGSMEN KOREA LTD. EXHIBIT STAND 김영진 02-2040-1114 Homepage info@kingsmen.co.kr
TAERI EXHIBIT STAND KIM DAEHEE 042-522-5607 Homepage event@morningenter.com
TAESUNG T.S DECO CARPET & PYTEX An, Sung il 02-545-4483 kts14141@hanmail.net
TEINARCHITERIOR EXHIBIT STAND park jung kwun 02-3012-1820 tein2007@naver.com
TOIN DESIGN & COMMUNICATIONS EXHIBIT STAND 김종국 02-542-4900 Homepage 5424900@naver.com
TOTAL KOREA RIGGING 031-977-7200 Homepage tklite@tklite.com
TREND DESIGN EXHIBIT STAND 02-421-1009 Homepage mail2da@naver.com
TRS EXHIBIT RENTALS 02-551-6783 Homepage trsccs@naver.com
TS ENGINEERING TRUSS STRUCTURE CHECK 02-3462-1330 tsengin@hanmail.net
TSM EXHIBIT RENTALS SEO WONJUN 02-455-3700 Homepage info@tsm.asia

Person in Charge

Event Support Team Hall Manager Soonam Kim
Tel : 82-31-810-8138
Fax : 82-31-810-8090
E-mail : eagle@kintex.com