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Transcending All Boundaries. KINTEX, one of Asia’s “top 5” exhibition and convention complexes, puts all the world’s industries on display. KINTEX shows the World

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Click company names to move to their home page. The names of partner companies are listed in Korean alphabetically.

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Article list
business partner all list
Company Name Category * Language Phone Website E-mail
DAEHYUN CO.,LTD EXHIBIT STAND   +82-- No Homepage youri503@naver.com
DOUBILEYOUJAD CO.,LTD. EXHIBIT STAND   +82-53-421-6530 No Homepage kuktae@naver.com
THESTAGE EXHIBIT STAND   +82-32-210-6622 No Homepage rockist@thestage.co.kr
thescenicdesign.co.ltd EXHIBIT STAND   +82-2-703-5195 Homepage truemen2@naver.com
THE WISE EXHIBIT STAND   +82-70-4480-4853 Homepage wisemaster@the-wise.co.kr
EXPO PROMOTION EXHIBIT RENTALS   +82-31-918-5320 Homepage excopr@nate.com
The People ADVERTISING   +82-70-7569-7661 Homepage the7661@naver.com
DECOREE INC. EXHIBIT STAND   +82-2-515-0001 Homepage decoree@decoree.co.kr
Dong Kwang C&E Co., Ltd. ELECTRICITY   +82-70-8158-0889 No Homepage alcjwjdakf@naver.com
DONGAPM CO.,LTD. SECURITY   +82-2-701-3360 Homepage pm7013360@hanmail.net
DONGYANG COMBILOCK CO., LTD. EXHIBIT STAND   +82-2-596-2641 Homepage combilock@naver.com
dongwoo industry co. ADVERTISING   +82-31-965-1133 Homepage dongwoo116@daum.net
DONGIN & COM CO., LTD EXHIBIT STAND   +82-2-6111-8800 Homepage dongin88@donginexpo.com
DONGIN EXPO CO., LTD EXHIBIT STAND   +82-53-380-5000 Homepage dongin100@donginexpo.com
DONGILE&L CO.,LTD. ELECTRICITY   +82-31-972-0006 Homepage dongil119@naver.com

Person in Charge

Event Support Team Hall Manager Taesoo Ham
Tel : 82-31-995-8138
Fax : 82-31-995-8190
E-mail : knitel1818@kintex.com