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Transcending All Boundaries. KINTEX, one of Asia’s “top 5” exhibition and convention complexes, puts all the world’s industries on display. KINTEX shows the World

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Click company names to move to their home page. The names of partner companies are listed in Korean alphabetically.

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Article list
business partner all list
Company Name Category President Phone Website E-mail
RACO ADVERTISING SONG JUNSUNG 02-501-1500 Homepage laco1500@naver.com
RACO EXHIBIT STAND SONG JUNSUNG 02-501-1500 Homepage laco1500@naver.com
EXCOMPR EXHIBIT STAND 서동수, 신창규, 전창수 02-3452-7471 Homepage jmkwon@excompr.co.kr
RESCOM CO., LTD EXHIBIT STAND Kim, Dong Yeong 02-2088-8762 kimdy0141@naver.com
RENTAL SERVE EXHIBIT RENTALS Choi Jang Gyu 02-409-4746 Homepage cjk@rentalserve.co.kr
RENTALBANK CO., LTD EXHIBIT RENTALS 최두성 -1588-3639 Homepage iop5153@gmail.com
Rosette Expo Inc FREIGHT Heo Jung Wok 05-542-8588 Homepage rosette@rstexpo.co.kr
RISH IYAGI CO.,LTD EXHIBIT STAND Rochard Yang, Josh Cho 02-3449-1110 Homepage postmaster@rishiyagi.com
MOUNTAIN DISPLAY TECH NC EXHIBIT STAND 02-6422-1668 Homepage chomdt@nate.com
MANJUNG SECURITY & PLANNING. CO., LTD SECURITY LEE SUK MAN 02-3442-6220 mjsm6220@dreamwiz.com
MACDESIGN EXHIBIT STAND Kang, Suk Man 051-740-7561 Homepage seokman1055@naver.com
MODUL IN SPACE CO., LTD EXHIBIT RENTALS CHOI, WON SEO 02-6000-7560 Homepage cws82@chol.com
CARPET & PYTEX 02-6212-3588
MOVING POWER TECH CO.,LTD FORKLIFT Lee, Joo Dong 031-433-0090 Homepage joodonglee@korea.com

Person in Charge

Event Support Team Hall Manager Soonam Kim
Tel : 82-31-810-8138
Fax : 82-31-810-8090
E-mail : eagle@kintex.com