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Transcending All Boundaries. KINTEX, one of Asia’s “top 5” exhibition and convention complexes, puts all the world’s industries on display. KINTEX shows the World

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Click company names to move to their home page. The names of partner companies are listed in Korean alphabetically.

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Article list
business partner all list
Company Name Category President Phone Website E-mail
Mong's Deco CARPET & PYTEX Ju myung sik 02-6212-3588 markju80@nate.com
MUNHWABANK EXHIBIT STAND JEON JUNGHA 053-384-7244 Homepage mice@munhwabank.com
MIDO DESIGN ADVERTISING Kim Young Mi 02-3437-4465 hoh08804@naver.com
MIRACLE DESIGN ADVERTISING Yoon, Sung Ho 02-325-1669 mdizain@naver.com
MIRAE YI&O CO.,LTD EXHIBIT STAND 02-462-4778 mirae@yio.co.kr
MIR D&C EXHIBIT STAND Han Kang Soo 02-534-7997 Homepage mirdnc@mirdnc.co.kr
MIRIM E & F CORP. FREIGHT Nam Sun Woo 02-569-7711 Homepage info@mirimenf.com
MIRIM E&F CORP. EXHIBIT STAND Nam Sun Woo 02-569-7711 Homepage info@mirimenf.com
MIT DESIGN CO., LTD EXHIBIT STAND Lee Won Keun 02-548-9878 Homepage md0212@hotmail.com
Batang Graphics ADVERTISING Sung Hee Yul 031-912-6422 batang777@hanmail.net
Value Point Co., Ltd EXHIBIT STAND Yoon Young Taek 02-6347-3456 Homepage jwon@valuepoint.co.kr
VALUEPOINT CO.,LTD ADVERTISING Yoon Young Taek 02-6347-3001 Homepage jwon@valuepoint.co.kr
BOIN CONSTRUCTION & CHEMICAL CO.,LTD EXHIBIT STAND 박경호 02-556-9395 Homepage boin@boin-ubi.com
BONG SHIN E&C CO.,LTD ELECTRICITY Jong-Pill, Bong 02-963-4000 bsenc@paran.com
BRANDCOMASSOCIATE EXHIBIT STAND KOO BONMOO 02-3446-3270 Homepage brancom@brancom.co.kr

Person in Charge

Event Support Team Hall Manager Soonam Kim
Tel : 82-31-810-8138
Fax : 82-31-810-8090
E-mail : eagle@kintex.com