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Transcending All Boundaries. KINTEX, one of Asia’s “top 5” exhibition and convention complexes, puts all the world’s industries on display. KINTEX shows the World

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Click company names to move to their home page. The names of partner companies are listed in Korean alphabetically.

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Article list
business partner all list
Company Name Category President Phone Website E-mail
Seouladcom. Co., Ltd EXHIBIT STAND Kim Hyeon Jeong 02-2165-8888 Homepage kydad@hanmail.net
SUNWOO DECO EXHIBIT STAND 성행웅 02-743-6409 Homepage sunwoodeco@hanmail.net
SUNJIN SHIPPING & AIR CARGO CO.,LTD. FREIGHT Im, Jae Moon 02-2225-9602 Homepage expo@sunjin.co.kr
SEONG SEO ELECTRIC ELECTRICITY Park, Jae Up 031-529-8574 jeaupp2001@naver.com
SUNGWON PLUS CO.,LTD. ADVERTISING 031-321-3171 Homepage chosh4000@naver.com
SEUM EXPO LOGISTICS CO., LTD. FREIGHT Song Chae Won 02-538-6888 Homepage victoria@seumexpo.co.kr
SE JONG ER CORP EXHIBIT RENTALS 안효순 031-916-3330 Homepage ace@sejongenr.com
SECTOR DESIGN CO., LTD EXHIBIT STAND 박명종 02-3452-1122 Homepage sectorpmi@daum.net
SOLIDWORKS ASSOCIATES,INC. EXHIBIT STAND KIM SU HONG 02-516-1694 Homepage skkim@solidworks-hq.com
SHOWCARGO LOGISTICS INC. FREIGHT Lee Cheon Myung 02-2065-6980 Homepage info@showcargo.com
SOOGONG WATER&DRAINAGE/AIR Kang, Won Ko 031-914-1812 Homepage kwk6210@naver.com
SU AND ME COMMUNICATION EXHIBIT STAND KIM YOONSOO 02-586-7898 Homepage sm70750@nate.com
Suwoo Engineering Co., Ltd. ELECTRICITY Lee Sam BUm 031-965-5868 suwoo6680@naver.com
SCHENKER KOREA LTD. FREIGHT Thomas Lindy Sorensen 032-744-0429 Homepage sel_fex@dbschenker.com
SMARTIX REGISTRATION in seok kim 02-866-6480 Homepage dolphin524@smartix.co.kr

Person in Charge

Event Support Team Hall Manager Soonam Kim
Tel : 82-31-810-8138
Fax : 82-31-810-8090
E-mail : eagle@kintex.com