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Transcending All Boundaries. KINTEX, one of Asia’s “top 5” exhibition and convention complexes, puts all the world’s industries on display. KINTEX shows the World

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article list
業者名 業者分類 代表者 電話番号 ホームページ E-mail
GAYADNS CO., LTD EXHIBIT RENTALS Jung Mi Sun 031-559-9756 Homepage gayadns@hanmail.net
AUTUMN SPACE CO., LTD EXHIBIT STAND Yu Sung Woo 02-6052-0800 Homepage ryu@autumni.com
gatodirection EXHIBIT STAND Joe Unhui 02-2269-4996 Homepage gato4996@hanmail.net
TOP GUARD SECURITY Chae, Kyu Chil 02-3665-2332 Homepage topguard@hanmail.net
GUSUNG DEVELOPMENT CLEARANCE Jeon, Young Chai 031-576-1667 jeon3505@hanmail.net
GEO CHANG CO., LTD. EXHIBIT STAND Oh Hwan-Gyun 042-252-1624 jooin3@gamil.com
KYOUNG DONG DESIGN CO., LTD EXHIBIT STAND Lee Tae Won 02-907-8896 Homepage kyoung-dong@hanmail.net
KyoungDong Design Co.,Ltd. CARPET & PYTEX Lee Tae Won 02-907-8896 Homepage kyoung-dong@hanmail.net
Korea Gas Industry Co., Ltd. GAS Lee Jai Lo 02-438-5166 krgasi@hanafos.com
Korea Gas Industry Co., Ltd. WATER&DRAINAGE/AIR Lee Jai Lo 02-438-5166 krgasi@hanafos.com
GOSUCAPET CARPET & PYTEX Jung Yung Sook 042-535-2621 je2621@naver.com
Koyang Rentec FORKLIFT Jeon Yong Han 031-997-3966 Homepage liftcall@hanmail.net
GWANGHYUNESI CO.,LTD ADVERTISING Kim Chul Joong 02-3411-0835 khmail04@naver.com
Kookjae industrial.co.,LTD ADVERTISING Yang-hae joon 02-984-8800 hapy0109@hanmail.net
GRECODESIGN CO.,LTD. EXHIBIT STAND Yang Lim 02-336-2082 Homepage kkjjhh04@grecodesign.co.kr


イベント支援チーム キム・スナムホールマネージャ
Tel : 82-31-810-8138
Fax : 82-31-810-8090
E-mail : eagle@kintex.com