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주최자 회원이용약관 동의

회원가입을 하시려면 아래의 서비스 이용약관에 동의하셔야 합니다.

[Article I] Purpose
The purpose of this Agreement is to set forth the rights, obligations and responsibilities of KINTEX ("Company") and the users of the online services ("Service") provided by KINTEX.

[Article 2] Validity of and Alteration to the Terms of Service
1. This Terms of Service shall take effect when it is posted on the online webpage
or is notified to Users in other methods.
2. This Agreement is amendable by the Company only to the extent that such amendments do not conflict with
relevant regulations. The amendments shall become effective 7 days after notification.
3. Users who do not agree to the amendments can withdraw their membership at any time.
If Users do not withdraw their membership or continue to use the Service even after amendments are made
and they become effective following a notification in accordance with the Article 2 Section 2 hereof,
the Users will be considered to have agreed to the amendments and the revised amendments will apply.
4. Members shall take every caution to the amendments and the Company shall not be responsible for the damage
caused to the Members resulting from their ignorance to the amendments.

[Article 3] Definition of Terms
1. "Services" mean the variety of services provided on the KINTEX homepag.
2. "Users" means those who log onto the KINTEX homepage and access to the Service regardless whether
they have joined the membership or not.
3. "Members" are those users who have registered their membership upon providing their personal information to
the Company and can continue to use the Services provided with information from the KINTEX homepage.
4. "ID" means the code combined by letter and numerals that are chosen by the User and approved by
the Company to be used to identify the User and to allow User’s access to Services.
5. "Password" means the code combined by letter and numerals that are chosen by the User that is used for
the protection of the User's privacy and for their personal identification with the User ID.
6. "Membership Termination or Cancellation" means the termination of service use agreement either
by the Company or by the Users.

[Article 4] Execution of Use Agreement
1. If Users click "I Agree to the Terms of Service" button after reading this Terms of Service when joining
a membership, that will be considered as agreement to the Terms of Service.
2. Use agreement is executed when those who wish to use the Services agree to the Terms of Service
and the Company accepts it.
3. The Company’s acceptance set forth in the Section 2 above includes the acceptance of the use of related
system services such as KEY-FAIR as well as KINTEX homepage that are provided by the Company,
provided that the Members will have to agree to a separate terms of service applicable to
other services before their first use.
4. Users can access the Services with the provision of some required information, and Members that do not register
accurate information can claim no rights in relation to the Services.
5. The User ID provided for the Members can be used for other services the Company provides as is exemplified
in the Article 4 Section 3 hereof.

[Article 5] Protection and Use of Member Information
1. The Company collects User's Member information by legitimate and fair means and to the minimum degree
required for the execution and implementation of user agreement, and formulates and implements
Privacy Policy to protect the Member information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
2. The Company's Privacy Policy shall not apply to the website links (that are not run by the Company.
The same applies hereinafter.) on the Company homepage.
3. The Company is not responsible for any leakage of Member information caused by the Members.

[Article 6] Privacy Policy
1. The Company is responsible for the protection of Members in accordance with relevant legislations and the
Company's Privacy Policy, and each Member is responsible for the management of
their personal information, i. e. their ID and password.
2. The Company shall thoroughly protect Member's personal information that was input in their membership
application form or provided according to other procedures, and shall use the information to
maintain or improve quality Services only and shall not transfer it to other entities or
individuals for other purposes.
3. In case the Company has to provide Member's information to other businesses in order to maintain
or improve its quality Services, the Company shall notify its Members of the names
of the companies concerned and purpose of the act before providing the information
and must obtain prior consent from the Members.
4. Exceptions to the above is when governmental agencies request the provision of information or
when it is required to verify Members’ violation of the Terms of Service.
5. For more information regarding the Services’ personal information protection, please refer to the
Privacy Policy posted on the homepage.

[Article 7] Use of Service
1. KINTEX provides the following services for its Members.
① Event information
② Member-customized services
③ Online facility lease services
④ Academic research paper services such as a service industry trend and technology report
⑤ Access to KINTEX homepage & related systems
⑥ All the services KINTEX has developed or will provide for its Member in cooperation or
in contract with other corporations.
2. The right to use the Services is given to every Member, and the scope of the use is differentiated
by the restrictions set by the service authorization method.

[Article 8] Approval, Disapproval and Disqualification of Membership
1. The Company shall approve the use of the Service in the order of the requests received as long as
there are no business or technical obstacles.
2. The Company may disapprove or disqualify membership requests applicable to the following subsections.
① If the request is made under others' name
② If false information is submitted
③ If the request was intended to disturb the stability of the society or offend the public morals
④ If those who request membership have other reasons that would cause disapproval
3. The Company can restrict membership approval for the following subsections
when member service request is made.
① If the Company cannot afford to do it due to system capacity.
② If the Company is faced with business or technical problems
③ If the Company cannot approve the request for its own circumstances.
4. The Company can restrict service use requests in accordance with the Section 2 and Section 3 above and if so,
the Company can notify its users of the restriction accordingly.
5. The Company may restrict the use of the Service by a legal minor as is determined in the guidance for each
service use. Children under the age of 14 can only apply for the use of services after
obtaining consent from their parents or legal representatives.

[Article 9] Alterations to the Agreement
1. The Company may change User ID in consultation with the Users for the following subsections.
① Danger to a user's privacy or possible infringement due to an ID being based on
a member's telephone or citizen registration number.
② User ID is deemed objectionable or undermines public morals.
③ Other understandable reasons
2. Members shall change their personal information by accessing the “management of personal
information” on the KINTEX website or on other linked menus. Members shall bear
responsibility for any problems caused by unchanged information.

[Article 10] Provision and Management of User ID
1. The Company provides users with user ID and password in accordance with the Terms of Service.
2. The Member takes full responsibility for the management of their user ID and password, any losses caused by
mismanagement during the use of the Service or a third party's illicit use. The Company bears no
responsibility, if this occurs.
3. The Members can view the page that allows them to manage their membership information using
“management of personal information” on the service page or menus linked to other
relevant pages. Members can always changer their personal information except for their
names that are required for the service management.
4. Other management of and changes to Members information shall be subject to guidelines for each service.

[Article 11] Provision of Information
1. The Company shall do its best to provide its Members with useful information, which will be offered in
various forms of services.
2. The Company can provide its Members with the information the Members have selected to receive, and
if Members do not wish to receive the service any ore, they can cancel the service.

[Article 12] Service Use Hours
1. The Services is provided 24/7 throughout a year.
2. However, the Services may be put on hold in the event that the Company suffers business, technical or
communication obstacles or a regular inspection is carried out, and the Company may issue
a notice before or after such cases.

[Article 13] [Obligations of Users and Members]
1. Users or Members shall abide by all the announcements and notices issued by the Company including the Terms
of Service, notices on Service use, alerts, and shall not engage in acts that are detrimental to the
business of the Company.
2. Members take full responsibility for the management of their Member ID and password. Members shall be
responsible for all the consequences arising from the improper management and illicit use of their
user ID and password.
3. Members shall report to the Company as soon as they have found that there was an illicit use of their ID or
password. Members shall be responsible for all the consequences caused by failure to report.
4. Users or Members cannot engage in any business activities using Services without prior approval
from the Company.
The Company shall not be responsible for the consequences resulting from such business activities
and the business activities that have run counter to the Terms of Service. Users or Members shall be
liable for the damages caused to the Company by such business activities.
5. Users or Members cannot transfer or donate their service rights, their membership status to others without
express consent from the Company, nor can they offer them as collateral.
6. Users or Members cannot engage in the following activities in using Services.
① Stealing other Member's User ID and password
② Altering information posted in the Service
③ Uploading postings that infringe others' patent, trademark, confidential information,
copyright or intellectual property rights or distributing them to others via email or other methods.
④ Sending, posting, or distributing vulgar and obscene information, sentences,
or symbols to others that undermine the public order or offend the public morals
via email or other methods
⑤ Sending or distributing insulting or intimidating messages to others that can invade
the privacy of others via email or other methods
⑥ Hacking or sending viruses or consistently sending advertising information against others' will.
⑦ Uploading or registering postings or sending mails in disguise of or in impersonation of the
Company's employees.
⑧ Engaged in acts that are thought to be linked to crimes
⑨ Collecting or saving the personal information of other users without approval from the Company
⑩ Engaged in acts that violate other relevant regulations

[Article 14] Company Obligations
1. The Company shall do its best to ensure that the Services are provided continuously and problem-free for
the Users unless something that is set forth in this Agreement has occurred or other special
reasons exist.
2. The Company shall continue to make efforts to provide the Service consistently and problem-free in
accordance with the Terms of Service and the Company shall restore systems back to their
normal state immediately upon any defects or loss, provided that the Service may
be temporarily halted or stopped by acts of God or emergencies, and under other unavoidable
circumstances or exceptional circumstances at the Company.
3. The Company shall abide by the Terms of Service on the personal protection provided for in the
Article 6 hereof in connection with privacy protection for the User or Members.
4. The Company shall not use the personal information of the Members for commercial purposes
other than the ones related to the Service, provided that governmental agencies can make
demand in accordance with related legislations.

[Article 15] Compensation and Settlement of Disputes
1. The Company shall not be responsible for any damage caused to the Users in relation to the use of Services.
2. Any and all disputes regarding the use of the Services will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the
court in the location where the Company is headquartered.

[Article 16] Other rules
To any issues that are not set forth in this Terms of Service, Framework Act on Telecommunications,
Telecommunications Business Act, and Act on Promotion of Information and Communications
Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc and other relevant regulations shall apply.

주최자 개인정보취급방침 동의

아래의 개인정보취급방침에 동의해 주십시오. 회원님의 개인정보보호를 위해 최선을 다하겠습니다.

[The purpose of collecting and using personal information]
KINTEX collects personal information for the following purposes
• To constitute a contract in order to provide services (to identify you and to confirm your intention)
• To help implement services
• To inform and guide to other new services and information in connection with exhibitions or events
• To provide member services regarding addressing complaints or civil petition and sending notices, etc

To provide convient and various services for members, KINTEX can also share the personal information
collected from members to carry out advertisements or marketing activities by means of email or SMS. In this event,
however, members can always reject unwanted services through the “Personal Information Edit”menu on our web site.

[The types of information we collect]
KINTEX collects the minimum level of personal information that is necessary for the provision of services,
yet we may request additional information, if needed. On the membership enrollment page, except for
the information that must be given as mandatory, all other personal information can be optionally provided
by individuals. The following are the must-give items.

- ID (email)
- Password
- Real Name
- Phone number
- Sex
- Date of birth
- Address

KINTEX does not collect very private personal information that is likely to undermine the users’
basic human rights including their ethnicity, race, philosophy, creed, place of birth, place of
permanent residence, political orientation or crimical records, health conditions, sex life, etc.

[Terms for retaining and using personal information]
When a user membership is withdrawn or cancelled, KINTEX destroys the user's personal information
without delay in a technically irrevocable manner after having achieved the purposes of collection and use of it,
provided that KINTEX may retain personal information with the consent of the user who has cancelled our
services according to requirements of business, including marketing activities, etc. KINTEX will want to retain
the personal information cancelled when it is permitted to do so for a period of time mentioned in related legislations.

- Records on consumer complaints or legal disputes: 3 years (Act on the Consumer Protection in
Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.)

동의 동의하지 않습니다