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At the Korea International Exhibition Center (hereinafter referred to as “KINTEX” or “Company”), protecting your privacy is very important to us. KINTEX takes every precaution to protect your personal information. KINTEX is also committed to complying with the provisions of “Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.” KINTEX may modify its Privacy Policy at any time to reflect changes occurring in the government regulations and guidelines or the internal policy of KINTEX. If modified, the revised Privacy Policy will be displayed on the first page of our web site. KINTEX lets you know how personal information provided by you is used and by what method, and also what measures have been taken in order to protect your personal information.

01. The purpose of collecting and using personal information

KINTEX collects personal information for the following purposes: • To constitute a contract in order to provide services (to identify you and to confirm your intention) • To help implement services • To inform and guide to other new services and information in connection with exhibitions or events • To provide member services regarding addressing complaints or civil petition and sending notices, etc.
To provide convient and various services for members, KINTEX can also share the personal information collected from members to carry out advertisements or marketing activities by means of email or SMS. In this event, however, members can always reject unwanted services through the “Personal Information Edit”menu on our web site.

2. The types of information we collect

KINTEX collects the minimum level of personal information that is necessary for the provision of services, yet we may request additional information, if needed. On the membership enrollment page, except for the information that must be given as mandatory, all other personal information can be optionally provided by individuals. The following are the must-give items.

  • ID (email)
  • Password
  • Real Name
  • Phone number
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Address

KINTEX does not collect very private personal information that is likely to undermine the users’ basic human rights including their ethnicity, race, philosophy, creed, place of birth, place of permanent residence, political orientation or crimical records, health conditions, sex life, etc.

3. Agreement to the collection of personal information

KINTEX regards that our customers agree to our Privacy Policy as soon as clicking the “Agree” button for the terms and conditions of service, and we collect personal information based on the information given by the membership enrollment. Users who do not agree to the collection of information or do not want membership enrollment for such reasons can click “Do not agree” on the membership menu.

4. Reading, correction ,and updating of personal information and membership cancellation

You may always view, correct, update, or cancel your registered personal information. In case you’d like to view, correct, or update your personal information, you may click “Personal Information Edit” after logging on and do so directly or by cancelling your membership, you can withdraw your consent to provide personal information.

5. 개인정보의 보유기간 및 이용기간

When a user membership is withdrawn or cancelled, KINTEX destroys the user's personal information without delay in a technically irrevocable manner after having achieved the purposes of collection and use of it, provided that KINTEX may retain personal information with the consent of the user who has cancelled our services according to requirements of business, including marketing activities, etc. KINTEX will want to retain the personal information cancelled when it is permitted to do so for a period of time mentioned in related legislations.

  • Records on consumer complaints or legal disputes: 3 years (Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.)

6. Procedure and method for destroying personal information

KINTEX, in principle, destroys personal information without delay after achieving the purposes of collecting and using it. The procedure and method of destruction is as follows.

Procedure for destruction
Personal information entered when joining membership is transferred to a separate DB (to a separate paper box, if in hard copy) after all purposes are achieved and then destroyed after being stored for a certain period of time in accordance with internal policy directions and the regulations imposed to protect personal information. (See the terms for retaining and using personal information.) Unless otherwise set forth by regulations, the personal information in the new DB is not used for purposes other than storage.
Method for destruction
Personal information saved in the form of an electronic file is deleted by using a technical method that does not allow a recovery. When you request a correction of your personal information, your personal information is not used until correction is completed.

7. Provision of personal information

KINTEX does not distribute the personal information of users externally, except for the cases below.

  • If users have agreed in advance
  • If required by regulations, or if an investigatory body demands it in accordance with the procedures and methods provided for by laws and regulations

8. Entrusting personal information

To improve services, KINTEX may hire other external companies and entrust them with the handling of personal information. In the event of entrusting other companies with the handling of personal information, we will notify you of such a fact. In the event of entrusting other companies with the handling of personal information, we will clearly stipulate that service providers strictly observe the instructions on protection of personal information, keep personal information confidential, and must not provide it to third parties, and we will keep the contract stipulations in writing or electronically.

9. Rights of users and their legal representatives and methods to exercise them

Both users and those under the age of 13 for the given year and their legal representatives may review or correct the personal information registered about themselves at any time, and they may also request a cancellation of membersihp.

In case users or minors less than 14 years of age wish to view or correct their personal information, they can click "Personal Information Edit" to do so directly, and to cancel their membership, they can click "Membership Cancellation".

In case users request a correction for incorrect personal information, their personal information will not be used or provided until correction is completed. Moreover, in the event that the wrong personal information has already been provided for third parties, we will ensure that they are notified of the corrections to redress the situation.

KINTEX ensures that the personal information terminated or deleted at the request of users or their legal representatives is treated in accordance with the stipulation mentioned in"Terms for retaining and using personal information" and is not viewed or used for other purposes.

10. Operating, accepting and rejecting cookies

KINTEX uses “Cookies” that gather user information and detect it at any given time to provide user-specific services. A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to the browser of your computer from a web site, and it will be stored on your hard disc. When you enter our web site, KINTEX’s computer reads the contents of the cookie in your browser and detects additional information in your computer saving your time by eliminating the need to repeatedly enter your name, etc.

Purpose of using cookies:
Cookies identify your computer, but they don’t recognize you personally. KINTEX can use the cookie to understand the navigation, the use patterns and user size of each service to make its services much more convenient. By modifying your browser options, you can choose whether to accept all cookies or not.
Indeed, you can accept all cookies or configure your browser to notify you when a cookie is set or reject all cookies. Nonetheless, you have to allow cookies in order to access KINTEX and log on to use its services. For your reference, KINTEX is not obligated to protect personal information when the web sites linked to KINTEX gather personal information.
Operating, accepting and rejecting cookies
- You have a choice regarding cookies. You can configure your browser to accept all cookies, to notify you when a cookie is set or to reject all cookies.
- You can reject cookies by modifying your browser options to accept all cookies, to notify you when a cookie is set or to reject all cookies.
- To set this configuration on internet explorer, go to tools on the web browser, find internet options and click privacy. However, if you reject cookies, you may not be able to access some of our services.

11. Technology and management plans for protecting personal information

In terms of technology and management, KINTEX is taking the following measures to protect personal information.

  • Use of security number
  • Encryption of transmitted data or file lock system
  • An intrusion blocking system to safeguard against hacking, etc. Regular inhouse moral education on the protection of personal information

Maintaining security on member ID or password is critical in protecting personal information and you can assume total security responsibility. In any circumstances, KINTEX will not ask for your password directly, so you must pay special attention to prevent your password from being leaked to others.

12. Out-of-purpose use and providing information to third parties (or sharing information)

KINTEX uses personal information within the scope notified by “The purpose of collecting and using personal information”and does not use the information beyond these limits and also does not provide it for other individuals, external companies or organizations.
In order to provide you with better services, KINTEX may provide your personal information to our affiliated companies or share it with them. In case we provide or share your personal information with others, we get through a procedure to obtain your consent beforehand concerning who the affiliated companies are, and what kind of information to be provided or shared with, and what security measures are in place to protect your privacy. If you do not give consent to it, KINTEX does not provide your personal information to our affiliated companies or share it with them.

13. Postings

KINTEX takes your writings seriously and always does its best to protect them from alteration, damange or deletion, except for the cases below.

  • Spam-like unsolicited communication (e.g. chain letters, pyramid scheme scams, ads for a specific site, etc.)
  • Writings that defame others by circulating false reports for the purpose of damaging others’ good name by slander
  • Disclosure of other persons’ privacy without prior consent, anything that infringes the intellectual property of KINTEX and copy right of a third party., and statements not fit for the main purpose of the bulletin board.

To promote a desirable bulletin board culture, KINTEX may delete certain pieces of a person’s private information disclosed without obtaining prior consent, or bulletin it by using certain symbols. In case the contents of a bulletin are moved to another communication room that deals with similar topics to it, KINTEX identifies the moving path of the relevant bulletin so that the writer would not misunderstand the move.
KINTEX can delete other deliberately harmful and often untrue bulletins and communications after sending explicit or individual warning against doing so.
Basically, all rights and responsibilities concerned with postings belong to the persons who have written them. Furthermore, information disclosed voluntarily through bulletins would not be protected properly so that you need to think about it carefully before making it public.

14. The person in charge of privacy policy

KINTEX is doing its best to protect your personal information by designating a person in charge.

You can send the complaints that you might have in using our services to “Q&A” or “Voice of Customer.
KINTEX will waste no time in answering your report in full.
The current privacy policy went into effect on 6th October, 2008, and it supersedes the previous policy that was in effect since 1st August, 2000.